Blackahwk Helicopter

  United States

The Blackhawk (UH-60) is a twin turbine engine, single rotor, modular fuselage, rotary wing helicopter. The main rotor system has four rotor blades. The drive train consists of a main transmission, intermediate gear box, and tail rotor gear box with interconnecting shafts. The non-retractable landing gear consists of the main landing gear and a tail wheel. The aircraft has redundancy for Hydraulic, Electrical and Pneumatic systems.  Maximum Forward Airspeed: 193 Knots Wet Weight, 165 Knots at 22,000 lbs  Maximum Lift Weight: 22,000 lbs  Maximum Sling Load Weight: 8000 lbs  Maximum Performance Vertical Take-Off: 2000 ft per minute  274 mi or 441 km on one tank of fuel (361 gal)

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