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  USD $29,967

5.5 seater modular sofa, removable, with LED and Bookcase "MIDSUMMER" in fabric category C

Composed of:

Module 5.5 Left, ref: L533, price: 16930,00 €, fabric category C

A Meridienne right, ref: R504, price: 9570,00 €, fabric category C
Dimensions: L428 x D228 x H78, H seat 47cm

Exists in Finishing:

AMAZING (back bookcase without LED), ref: 39-L493 / R498, Fabric category C , price: 21.040 €.

AUTOBIOGRAPHY (Interior Padded), ref: 39-L488 / R497, Fabric category C , price: 18.230 €.

SUPREME (Interior Padded), ref: 39-L487 / R496, Fabric category C , price: 17.100 €.

LIMITED (Non Padded), ref: 39-L486 / R495, Fabric category C , price: 16.070 €.

Please contact us for the different fabric categories.

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