Harley Davidson 1969 Servicar 750cc 2 cyl sv 2610


Harley Davidson 1969 Servi-Car Frame nr DRF86622 Engine nr 69GE1115

The Harley-Davidson Servi-Car was designed during the early 1930`s when Harley-Davidson was desperate to expand its product base to increase sales. Targeted at the automotive service industry, the vehicle was designed to be towed behind a car to be delivered to a customer when the car was delivered at its destination, the driver would unhitch the Servi-Car and ride back to the garage. For this reason, it was available with a tow bar at the front. In addition to its intended use for car delivery and retrieval, the Servi-Car was also popular as a utility vehicle for small businesses and mobile vendors. They proved to be particularly popular with the police departments, some of which still used Servi-Cars into the 1990s. This good running Servi-Car is restored to concours condition.

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Type Road
Location Netherlands
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状态 pre-owned