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  USD $4,200
  United States

Bill Claps, MAROON BELLS, ASPEN I, Mixed Media with gold foil on canvas (unframed), 31.00 X 55.00 in, $4,200.00, White, Gold, Grey, landscape, Abstract

Visual artist and writer Bill Claps meditates every morning. “I find that the most important thing to me is to listen and be open to what the world presents to me. It’s amazing what happens to me when my mind is clear,” says Claps. He explains that he doesn’t seek inspiration, but rather finds that the ideas seem to present themselves and if he is open he can “grab onto them quickly before they go away.”

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Artist Bill Claps
Type Paintings
Location United States
Width Unit inch
Length Unit inch
Width 31 (inch)
Length 55 (inch)
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