Norton 1927 Big Four 633 cc 1 cyl sv 2607


Norton 1927 633 cc sv single Model 1 “Big Four”

The model name Big Four was used from 1907 till 1954, when production of all side valve Nortons stopped. The model was mainly designed as a strong and reliable sidecar machine: in WW 1 many were supplied to the Russian army, and in world war II the further developed Big Four did excellent service in the British army. The 82 x 120 mm engine was very reliable and had lots of bottom power. The compression ratio was a relatively low 4.8 : 1. The model name originated from the “ 4 HP” designation it got in its early years. New for 1927 were more robust front forks and larger diameter brakes. The Big 4 was available as Model 1 with 3 speed gear and as Model 14 with 4 speed gear and fully enclosed rear chain. This machine has been restored a number of years ago and comes complete with acetylene lighting system and Lucas bulb horn. The spark is generated by a C.A.V. magneto.

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Type Road
Location Netherlands
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状态 pre-owned