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Ceiling light with solid glass (8 pieces), Model P-1415 by RAAK Amsterdam, 1970s


Refined but unpretentious ceiling light P-1415 by RAAK Amsterdam. Designed in the early 1970s and sold in various models. The lamps consist of an aluminium cylinder and a solid glass body.

The length of the glass body is 8 cm and with 1.2 kg relatively heavy, the length of the cylinder is 20 cm. Excellent vintage condition, which is remarkable as the aluminium part scratches easily.

We have eight of these lamps, if you are interested in more than one please let us know.

The height of the lamp is 28 cm / 12 inch and the diameter 10.5 cm / 5 inch.

This item is offered by Palainco - Seriously Light Minded. Price and World wide shipping quotes can be requested on the website www.palainco.com.

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