Private villas in Seychelles

  USD $5,325,074

It is a piece of paradise unique in the world that we propose. 17 villas, nestled on a private island of 268 hectares, accessible only from the Seychelles. The latter are on sale since February 2017, for a starting price of 4.9 million euros the property.

Each property consists of three to five bedrooms, and extends over 700 to 1,400 sqm of living space. The houses are separated by about twenty meters from each other and each ground is from 2500 to 4200 m².

Imagined by the British architect Richard Hywel Evans, these residences combine luxury and environmental considerations: "The residences fit into the natural rock face of the island and are built from local materials including basalt. The team in charge of the architecture worked with the ecological experts of the island to realize the least damage possible "

With panoramic windows, double pool, glass ceiling in the living rooms... Each villa offers 180 ° to 360 ° views of the island and its surroundings.

A complete range of services is provided by the island's only 5-star hotel, 24-hour restaurant, massage ... A seasonal rental management program is included in the property to make your investment worthwhile.

A prestine location

The universe of Seychelles alone is an immersion in the heart of nature still wild and preserved. From crystal-clear waters with its colorful reefs through the mountainous regions, the archipelago of 115 islands is the subject of a natural habitat restoration project spread over nine years. The objective is to make these islands a model of biodiversity. No exotic flowers are imported and the fauna reinvigorates the territory little by little.

The Minister of Tourism, Alain St. Ange, monitors closely. He actively advocates the preservation of the environment and attracts prestigious patrons. In March 2016, Leonardo DiCaprio, for example, donated $ 1 million and $ 5 million from his foundation for the protection of the Seychelles.

... FOR EXCEPTIONAL LEGISLATION The individual who buys will own their property, upon 89 years the lease can be renewed automatically subject to the owner’s wishes.

For the 17 villas to come, installment plans will be offered, "according to the stages of construction". Construction time will be from 8 to 24 months. As per the 17 villas already built, the residence permit is included in the sale up to six co-owners or owners and residents.

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