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The Crucible

What if, over the course of 50 hours, you could tap into a limitless source of power you never knew existed? Imagine moving through life without fear, with total confidence in your ability to overcome obstacles and reach any mission or goal, no matter how big or challenging. That's what Kokoro Camp can do for you. It's a test that connects you to the very core of who you are, and what you're made of.

SEALFIT Kokoro Camp is, quite simply, the world's premier training camp for forging mental toughness, modeled after the US Navy SEAL Hell Week. Yes, it is brutal. No, it's not for everyone. You may not qualify, or make it through the training. Yet, if you're ready for this challenge, you'll find it to be an experience that changes your life - FOREVER.

The Mission

Our mission is not merely to push you for its own sake, but rather, to help you develop mental toughness and insight that you are capable of 20x more than you ever thought possible. This 20x principle applies to all areas of your life-your health and fitness, career, income, relationships and beyond. Once you see and "get" this fundamental truth, it becomes impossible to ever settle for less in your life.

As you cultivate the non-quitting warrior spirit over three days, you'll discover sources of discipline and focus while you sharpen your will and determination. Your ability to direct your attention on your goals and targets will be enhanced and you'll learn to keep going until you reach them. No matter what.

Virtually every aspect of your mind, body and spirit are trained and tested through 50 hours of intense physical and mental training. By pushing you to your perceived limits, and then far beyond those limits, your concept of who you are and what's possible will be revolutionized.


● Inspire Others by Being a Team Player and Authentic Leader ● Connect Your Mind and Body - The body will follow what the mind tells it to do ● Deep Awareness & Concentration tools ● Operate Optimally in Stressful Scenarios ● How to Control and Direct Your Attention on What You Want ● Free Yourself From Distractions ● Develop a More Positive, More Authentic View of Yourself ● Forge Deep Mental Toughness and Resiliency ● Discover How to Control Your Emotions in Any Situation ● Learn High-Level Decision Making in Chaotic Situations

Graduates join an elite team of men and women who have taken the challenge and have set themselves on a lifelong journey toward self mastery with SEALFIT as the wind at their backs.

Event Dates

SEPTEMBER 23 - 25, 2016

APRIL 28 - 30, 2017

JUNE 23 - 25, 2017

OCTOBER 20 - 22, 2017

The Standards

Originally designed for Special Operations candidates, Kokoro is now open to anyone who is willing to prepare and step up to the challenge. Participants come from all walks of life with a common goal: Perseverance. Whether you're a Special Operations Candidate or a business professional, a firefighter or self-described regular person, you must prepare for this event. Our SEALFIT Online, Elite and Elite Plus are the perfect training tools for all of our events. Our daily workouts will challenge you physically and mentally and will be the cornerstone of your training prior to Kokoro Camp.

We have published updated Kokoro Camp Standards to help you understand just what you are getting into when you start your training for Kokoro.

Prerequisites for a graduate certificate will be tested during the camp. They include:

● 50 push ups (40 for women) in 2 minutes, 50 sit-ups in 2 minutes and 50 air squats in 2 minutes, with 2 minutes rest in between each. ● 10 dead hang pull-ups for men, 6 for women ● 1 mile run in boots and utility pants on the road in under 9:30 ● Body Armor (aka Murph) with 20# pack (15# for women): 1 hour and 10 minutes maximum

Endurance standards to guide your preparation (not tested for performance, but completion):

● 10 mile run in less than 1 hour and 20 minutes ● 20 mile ruck hike with load in less than 6 hours

Two event failures (PST/Murph) will result in a drop from the course and refusal to perform any event will be considered a non-verbal drop. Note: we highly recommend that you ramp up your endurance and stamina training.

Please contact us if you are not clear about the physical demands of this program. If you are performance dropped for failure to meet the standards listed here you will be counseled by a SEALFIT Coach and may be asked to leave the training. There is no refund issued in this instance. You will be offered training advice and encouraged to register for a SEALFIT Academy or Kokoro Camp at a later date.

Minimum age is 17 years old with parental permission; there is no maximum age limit.

GEAR LIST • Minimum 3 Pair Black BDU Ripstop Pants • 1-2 Pairs of Compression shorts • 1 pair of "broken in" boots • Minimum 8 white SEALFIT "Workout Tee's" or regular white T-Shirts with crew neck. Last name stenciled on front and back. • 1 BDU Utility Belt (Black) • 3 pairs Workout Shorts (recommend SEALFIT WOD shorts) • Socks (layer for long hikes) • Running shoes • 1 floppy or boonie hat for sun protection (not mandatory) • 1 warm sweatshirt or outer jacket (seasonally dependent)


You will get a confirmation email once you have registered for Kokoro. You will be asked to fill out an application which includes a brief essay. The application consists of a health assessment, statement of assumption of risk, release, indemnification and non-disclosure, and a photograph/media release.

It is important to complete the essay defining what your motivation is to attend this event and what you hope to get from it. You will also list your pre-requisite scores seen above. The Coaching Staff reads all of the essays before Kokoro - address it as such and be honest with your self-assessment and your WHY.

A Warning Order will go out to all attendees approximately 30 days prior to the event. It will contain specific instructions for check-in times. Generally check-in is approximately 8:00 AM on the first day of Kokoro. Read the Warning Order when it comes as that is the final word.

We recommend to fly into the following airports, Ontario (ONT), San Diego (SAN), John Wayne (SNA) and arrive the day before your Kokoro begins. Unfortunately we are no longer able to hold Kokoro at SEALFIT HQ - it is held at Vail Lake Resort in Temecula, CA of HWY 79. You are responsible for your transportation to and from our Vail Lake facility. For accommodations we recommend you book a hotel in Temecula, CA the nightbefore and after your Kokoro. Do NOT plan to fly or drive on Sunday after Kokoro.

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