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  United States

Colleen Blackard, THE SKY FROM EARTH, Ballpoint Pen on Paper, 28.00 X 11.50 in, Black, landscape

Colleen Blackard combines natural, celestial and man-made elements in occasionally surreal compositions that explore light, memory, consciousness and change. Whether in ballpoint pen, archival marker or ink washes, she is constantly pushing the envelope on the types of atmospheres and effects she creates with these dynamic lines and the light between. Blackard’s signature style uses continuous, circular, intersecting lines to create a luminosity that clarifies the subject and gives life to every detail.

Courtney J Garrett, GATHERED PULLED FOUND, 48” x 48” Oil on Canvas, $6,900.00, Black, Abstract

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Artist Colleen Blackard
Type Paintings
Location United States
Width Unit inch
Length Unit inch
Width 28 (inch)
Length 11.50 (inch)
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