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Ken Chi Art Loft

The “Auspicious-Energy-Enhancing-Art” are unique Limited-Editioned Premium Art (Images) created with a “UNIQUE FUNCTIONAL AESTHETICS” that goes beyond traditional beauty created on the latest image making process and technology from Germany. Desirable and perfect for Premium Gifts, Home Decor and Institutional/Corporate Spaces. The “Unique Functional Aesthetics” of the “Auspicious Energy-Enhancing-Art” by Ken Chi are created with intentional combinations of colours and subjects themes based on the study of “SOUL PSYCHOLOGY” and “ENERGY ENHANCING PRINCIPLES” enhancing personal energies and favouring the Science of Feng Shui to enhance “AUSPICIOUSNESS”.

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong
Ken Chi Art Loft
4F-38 Blue Pool Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong
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+ 852 9685 2720

Japanese Zen Monk in Colombia for Peace no.1 Gold by KEN CHI

Size: 24x36inch Limited Numbered Edition Medium: Metallic Print (Archival) in Acrylic Frame: Walnut Floating Frame Produced...

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