Hello folks, I am Rob Chand and I am the CEO of Carluxe My love for cars is my one true passion, and I have always believed that I should do something that compliments my passion which, is why I went for the car business. I am very particular about my taste. I always want the best of the best. Staying unique, is the right word that explains my taste. Talking about cars, I am not into every random car. What attracts me the most is the beauty of the car and there are no beautiful cars like the classic cars. I believe them to be the one true ancestor of the cars. You can bring hundreds of modern cars and one classic car in front of me and every time, the classic car is going to be my choice. The reason I love the classic cars to infinity is they are not just gorgeous; they have the best engines one can ever ask for. The interior and the exterior of the classic cars need to appreciate in every possible way.

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Coming back to my business, it is all about classic cars. I am the official seller of the classic and exotic cars. My love for these cars is the reason that I am the best man to take help from. I never compromise on quality, which is why you will always get the best out of my business. I am not newbie in this business. I have a successful journey of five years in the field of sales and
marketing. My success and experience speaks for my reputation. I place the trust of my
customers at the top of the list. What I believe is, a happy customer means an extremely
satisfied customer. I have the best policies for my customers and I am always available to bend my policies as per the convenience of my customers. I talk to my customers at length because I personally believe that communication is the perfect tool to bridge all types of gaps.

Though I do not believe helping in a single category of cars but also into Exotic cars as well.
They are the real modern beauty that compliments the modern times. For the amazing people who are looking for the best Exotic cars, I am there to help you. The Exotic car sale is not the only thing we specialize in; we are also all about the Exotic Car Consignments. I can safely claim that you will be from the best models and most breathtaking Exotic cars offered by my company. We offer brokers deals to insure our customers budgets are met.

How can someone love cars and not be in to the Custom Car Builds? Well, I am not one of
them. I am all about custom cars also, which is why my company offers this particular service as well. My company offers insight and referrals to pro-touring, resto mod, light mods as well as extreme pro car and truck builds. I have the best team of engineers and car designer who are always ready to help my customers in the best possible way.

Thank you for taking your time to view our website and please feel free to contact us at anytime
with questions on how we can assist your needs.

United States

United States
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