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Classified Moto is headquartered in a fairly secret location near downtown Richmond, Virginia, USA. In late 2013 we moved out of my residential garage into a large state-of-the-art facility — oh wait — it’s actually a former mule barn with no heat or AC. But it’s home and it’s just the way we like it.
We don’t have a retail showroom, storefront, boutique or whatever you might call it, and we’re not open to the public. That said, if you’re passing through Richmond and want a peek at the shop, we’ll try to accommodate. It can’t hurt to ask anyway.
Our little operation is known for a signature style of motorcycles that can only be categorized as “Classified”. They’re not café racers, they’re not choppers. Nor are they bobbers, street trackers or rat bikes. They’re a Frankenstein combo of old and modern components that hopefully add up to something fun and unique.
We are big fans of bringing old, discarded things back to life. Whether it’s custom motorcycles, our (often copycatted) Moto Lamp or some other creative expression, it’s easy to recognize the CM spirit in the things we do.
Classified Moto became my livelihood the day I got laid off from an 11-year advertising job back in 2011. Staring an uncertain future in its scary face, I decided to roll the dice and turn my newfound love for motorcycles into a full-time job.
In the years since, we’ve gone places, done things and met people we’d never have imagined. And we get to come to work and make cool stuff every day.

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United States

United States
2000 Starling Drive #70614 • Richmond, VA 23255
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