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These days, space is no longer the exclusive domain of governments and institutions like NASA and ESA. Space offers boundless technology and business opportunities. To open the market for commercial space, frequency must increase, costs should drop and capabilities should dramatically improve. Key to commerciality of space is reusability. Engines, vehicles must have high usage rates, low serviceability requirements (quick turn times) and long life.

Through developing and producing highly reusable, and affordable engines and vehicles with low service requirements, XCOR provides platforms to dramatically increase the viability of space missions and opportunities across markets.

XCOR Aerospace is a spacecraft and rocket engineering company based in Mojave, California. We are currently in the process of expanding our corporate and R&D headquarters to Midland, Texas. XCOR Aerospace has pioneered rapid development of long-life, reusable rocket engines for human transport applications for more than a decade, and employs around 100 people worldwide.

XCOR Aerospace was created by its four founders in 1999, and originally operated out of our chief engineer’s hangar. It has since evolved into a global team of 100-plus highly-skilled, experienced and talented engineers, marketers and salespeople based in three locations: a 10,375 square foot hangar on the Mojave Air & Space Port in Mojave, California, a 60,000 square foot hangar at the Midland International Air & Space Port in Midland, Texas, and the XCOR Space Expeditions sales office in Amsterdam.

XCOR is dedicated to making the dream of spaceflight a reality for its customers, investors and employees. We recognize that the best way to make the dream of space flight real is to make it available as frequently as possible to everyonewho wants to get there.

XCOR Space Expeditions is based in Amsterdam with 
a regional office for Asia in Hong Kong. XCOR 
Space Expeditions supports a global network of 35 independent resellers with established Lynx flight sales experience.
The company’s space-focused training programs offer a variety of medical screening and specialty training missions for future XCOR Lynx flight participants. Strategic partnerships are currently active with global brands including KLM, Unilever, Luminox, Philips and Heineken. XCOR Space Expeditions is part of XCOR Aerospace.

XCOR Science embodies XCOR’s philosophy for customizable, unique and ground-breaking opportunities for science and education payload flights. We believe Lynx research capabilities will have an immediate and measurable impact on our clients' goals, and broadly on STEM education.

XCOR Lynx will operate as an FAA AST-licensed suborbital reusable launch vehicle, a platform for your dedicated mission as part of your space program. XCOR provides opportunities to customize your flight with support from dedicated Payload Integrators. Lynx is easy to design around, with benign environmental conditions, multiple flights per day, opportunities for human-tended payloads, and mission specialist flights. Lynx has applications in planetary science, earth observation, microgravity, atmospheric science, medical/biotech, and many other fields.,

Lynx spacecraft are available to customers on a wet lease basis. For those interested in development of a manned spaceflight program, contact

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United States
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