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L’ecrin Boutique Tokyo was renewed on January 2014. We have engaged the renowned architect, Mr. Hiroshi Nakamura to further enhance the shopping experience of our customers. Some of his notable works include the flagship boutique of the luxury French brand, Lanvin “Lanvin Boutique Ginza” and he also supervised the renovation of the “Tokyo International Airport Terminal 2”.

With “Le Chevron”, French Herringbone glass facades surrounding the boutique, it creates a sophisticated and impressive atmosphere. When you enter our boutique, you will notice a wall of square-shaped “silver leafs” which resembles the image of a “Le carre”, display showcases are made of travertine and ebony wood is selected for our door knob. With the arrangement of these different materials, it makes the image of our boutique stand out. Display showcases consists of both classical oak and contemporary metal which creates a contrast where within it presents the tradition spirit and elegance of Hermes. Our boutique’s basic tone of natural oak and accent of dark brown forms a superior quality ambience for all customers.

With our sincerity, we look forward to your visit to our boutique.

L'ecrin boutique is a Hermes specialized boutique, located in the heart of Tokyo - Nishiazabu. The boutique is situated in the Roppongi District where the history coexists with the latest fashion and culture, is close to Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown. The boutique is a 7 minute's walk from Roppongi subway station.

“L’ecrin” is the French word for jewelry case. The colorful Birkin bags displayed throughout the boutique are like jewels strewn open in a jewelry case. Chevron glass facade projects natural smooth light patterns which creates a beautiful ambience for you to enjoy your shopping comfortably in our boutique.

A wide variety of color variations expressed by Hermes, la grande maison - one of the most luxurious brands and the differing nuances created by the different types of leather, makes the perfect choice selection a difficult task. An ultimate Birkin selection and a broad line-up of Hermes bags prized as highly rare items which are the key attributes of a specialized boutique. Over 20 different colors of Bearn wallets and other leather accessories are also on display. Yes, your very own special kind of treasure is bound to be found.

Since these products will be cherished eternally, we understand the need for an actual viewing of the product at the boutique. Please feel free to admire our products on our L’ecrin online boutique which is directly managed by L’ecrin Boutique Tokyo in Tokyo, Nishiazabu.

*We do not handle any used items. As the items on the website also include those from L’ecrin Boutique Singapore, therefore not all the items are available for immediate viewing.

Hermes specialized boutique
L'ecrin boutique

Customer service: 03-3478-7750
From overseas: 81-3-3478-7750

Opening hours: 11:00~20:00

3-21-3, Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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Japan, 〒106-0031 Tokyo, Minato, 西麻布3丁目21−3 3-21-3 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0031, Japan
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