We craft lasting technology tools that inspire imagination, contemplation, and renewed attention to the beauty and wonder of everyday life.

Each piece is artisanally crafted one at a time from our workshop in southern France, using only the finest natural materials.

Useful, durable and inspiring
Modern times are exhilarating. They leave little room for awe, musing and serendipity. Technology only adds to the frantic pace: shine of the new and rapid obsolescence caused by poor build quality drive the impulse for constant renewal.
Orée is a quest to build tools that are are useful, elegant and lasting. Tools that will endure the test of time thanks to impeccable materials used and uncompromising attention to details of the craftsmanship involved. Tools with a soul that the patina of use will reveal.

Patiently crafted with pride and dedication
Our artisans practice the patient art of crafting matter into purpose. We use ancient techniques and secrets passed down generations of talented craftsmen. We enhance them with leading edge technologies to increase their functionality..
Our creations are a labor of love; we put all our passion, dignity and dedication into crafting them. We try to do each thing well for its own sake. We take no shortcut, we make no compromise.

Appreciation for the finest natural materials
We only use the finest natural materials to give our objects their distinctive halo & soul. We handpick each lumber and leather sheet for its raw aesthetics, durability and warm tactile experience.
Our minimalist design serves these materials by preserving their genuine unprocessed beauty, emphasizing their timeless elegance and minimizing waste.

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287 avenue Jean Fourastie Castelnaudary 11400 France
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