Beverly Hills Car Club

The Beverly Hills Car Club is one of the largest classic car dealerships which specializes in European and American classic cars.
The automobiles sold by The Beverly Hills Car Club combine all the elements of our exclusive address: these cars are the very last word in tasteful elegance, chic classiness, and impressive sophistication, with scrupulous attention paid to their functional integrity and stylish perfection.

The vehicles sold by The Beverly Hills Car Club reflect the gamut of today's social and economic experience: there are those automobiles that are top-of-the-line unequalled perfection, in which case scrupulous attention will have been paid to the particular model's functional integrity and stylish perfection: any body-work defects, especially any rust discovered, will have been removed; any misfiring engine components will have been replaced; any snags connected to the interior fittings will have been rectified.

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United States

United States
Beverly Hills Car Club
4576 Worth St, Los Angeles, CA 90063
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1982 Rolls Royce Corniche convertible

1982 Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible with 59,919 on the odometer in beautiful black with black interior. Excellent color...

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