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The Hancocks’ story began over 150 years ago. Its first home was the corner of Bruton and Bond Street and the fledging firm soon acquired a magnificent reputation, becoming a leading centre for the purchase of fine jewels and silver.

Documented in a company diary, we learn that less than a year after his business had been established; Mr C.F Hancock received a warrant of appointment from Queen Victoria. She and many of the principle sovereigns of Europe became regular patrons.

In 1856, Hancocks was instructed to produce the Queen’s new medal, the Victoria Cross. This is an honour upheld by the firm today.

Hancocks has proved itself a robust and successful business surviving all the 20th century could throw at it including robberies, depressions and of course, two world wars. As Charlotte Gere observes in ‘The Master Jewellers’, ‘Hancocks have survived the upheavals of the present century while some once more celebrated firms have disappeared.’

Today the company is still family owned. Stephen and Janie Burton bought the business in 1992 and moved Hancocks into its current location in the Burlington Arcade.

The collection now includes some of the finest examples of jewellery from antique to retro and we offer our clients jewels from all the great houses. Currently, a visitor to the Hancocks’ gallery will be treated to a range of splendid jewellery from an Art Nouveau Dragon by world renowned jeweller Fouquet to an Edwardian diamond and pearl choker by American firm Black, Starr and Frost; and a cluster of rare Archaeological Revival jewels from fascinating houses Castellani, Giuliano and Wièse. Hancocks also house dazzling Art Deco jewels from the big players of the time Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Dusausoy, Janesich, Lacloche: the list goes on.

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United Kingdom

United Kingdom
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