TT Trunks

A logo as a manifesto for the "House of the 3 rivets." Symbols rivets vision to sharp imagination and impeccable expertise in the way.
Nomadic by nature, TTTRUNKS feeds the world: the lights of skyscrapers, the bustle of the streets, music gushing and suspended moments of silence, sensuality born of material nature and those shaped by the human imagination.
universe inventor and moments limitless T.T.TRUNKS exploring the sublime expression of the Satchels and leather goods fields. Its distinguishing feature: to kiss and engulf the dialogue between art teachers and golden fingers inherited a centennial expertise, visionary design and technological precursors.

Each creation T.T.TRUNKS carries its own melody and reveals its unique vibration. Just like its authors, inhabited by a demanding conviction of what perfection, a curiosity to you and listen to your dreams, and daring of the soul.
The NOMAD T.T.TRUNKS mind is NO LIMIT ... because you are too.

T.T.TRUNKS now unveils its collection in its Paris boutique on the corner of art and prestigious streets of the Faubourg St. Honore and Matignon.

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29 Avenue Matignon 75008 Paris
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Boom Boom T16 Trunk

Take the Boom Boom T16 Trunk with you and play your favourite music wherever you go and whenever you desire. Embodying harmony and...

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Boom Boom T16 Trunk