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Star Wars Collectibles

Propshop is a Physical and Digital Asset Production Company which specializes in producing digital and physical assets for both the front and back end of film production.

Ultimate Studio Edition items are replicas that are virtually identical to the original props.

These Ultimate Studio Edition items are as close as possible to the original prop used in the film and built at a level that has never been available before. These collectibles are considered interchangeable on set for the original prop.

To protect your investment, your Star Wars collectible includes RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology that can validate the authenticity of your item. The serial number listed on the enclosed certificate and medallion of authenticity is also encoded on the RFID device embedded in your collectible.
Please be aware that while the primary purpose of the embedded RFID technology is to validate your collectible’s authenticity, the Walt Disney Family of Companies may introduce products or services that can recognize the RFID technology and deliver experiences or value if the guest chooses to use their collectible for those purposes. Information will be collected in connection with use of the RFID technology only if the guest chooses to avail themselves of such products and services.

The creation of Ultimate Studio Edition items involves various methods including high-tech 3D printing, scanning and meticulous hands-on craftsmanship that only an artisan prop maker can provide. The techniques used are as close as can be to the original prop making.

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United States
Star Wars Collectibles
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