Maison de Luxe is an expert in all things Hermès. Whether you're looking for something to grow your closet, downsize, or rotate it, Maison de Luxe can help you buy or sell your Hermès items, while providing the utmost personable service and knowledgable expertise.

Maison de Luxe was born a decade ago by a simple love for luxury. That love of luxury was responsible for lighting the path to a special passion for the pinnacle of luxury, Hermès. A decade of experience with an exclusive focus on Hermès has shaped us to become experts in the brand that is second to none. We specialize in unique, hard to find treasures, whether brand new or pre-loved. With our global client reach, we have the confidence in helping you get the most for your Hermès bags and accessories, as well as helping you locate that impossible to find item. We will do our best to provide the smoothest and most enjoyable experience with your buying and selling needs.

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United States
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