BATAVIA was born in 1996 as a furniture store , in the spirit of offering complete solutions in contemporary architectural space.

Since 1996, BATAVIA is dedicated to furnishing a modern and eclectic view of the decor. We merge the best designs contemporary furniture with unique pieces of great beauty, from Europe and Asia but also Africa and America.

We were among the first to distribute the best global brands of contemporary furniture, and we combine this with the search for vintage or antique pieces elite designers of the twentieth century, and turned into classic decoration.

BATAVIA owns 3 stores in Madrid where we gathered a selection of contemporary furniture of the most prestigious international brands that are characterized by their design, high quality, aesthetics and functionality. In addition we have an extensive selection of vintage furniture from the mid-twentieth century from northern Europe, mainly in Denmark, all unique pieces, as are the antique furniture from China and Indonesia. In addition BATAVIA develops its own designs and works on some of these pieces to suit current trends.

We are unique in Spain to combine furniture recent developments with other calmest parts or more solera, thanks to a team made in the world of design and decoration advising our clients when mixing your furniture with new ones to create the most suitable environment. In BATAVIA We have extensive experience in restaurant decorating projects (having participated in many trendy restaurants in Madrid and Barcelona) and office furnishings. We have not stopped either side decorating projects for housing and usually work with architectural firms in the design and development of many of their projects. Numerous reports in national and international press endorse our expertise in this field.

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