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We specialise in a select few premium quality coloured fish of unsurpassed rarity that are cultivated in pristine Australian waters. Because our fish are raised in large schools, they are accustomed to company and it is important for the wellbeing of the fish that they are kept in groups of 5 to 10 fish or one individual alone. The fish are sold when they reach sizes between 20cm (approximately 1 year old) and 100cm (3-4 years old).

Ideally a small school of Premium White Diamonds belongs in a large acrylic display tank, pool or pond, or an aquarium that is at least 3,000L in size for a single fish.

Our fish have character as well as an intense and unique beauty. Unlike traditional aquarium fish, our collection offers luminous underwater beings that nourish your eyes and spirit and make any grand residence even more magnificent.

The stunning colours and unique genetic qualities of the fish in Jardini International’s collection are almost impossible to attain.

The chances of cultivating a Premium Gold is one in 8 million.

Just a handful of our signature fish, the Premium White Diamond, can be offered every year because of the scarcity of resources and facilities required to bring them to life.

We are the exclusive suppliers of Premium White Diamond, Premium Gold and Golden Tigers worldwide. Only a select few can own and experience these incredible natural works of art.

We don’t just produce a living thing, we create dreams. Pure white, gold, and tiger-striped occurrences of the Lates calcarifer species are highly improbable in nature.

Our collection comes about through a combination of sophisticated aquaculture expertise, genetic knowledge and patience.

Our scientific advisers conduct DNA research to determine fish that will create offspring with the unique and desirable colour traits that make our fish remarkable. They then use complex genealogical insights and breeding techniques to refine the blood line. Breeding occurs in the pristine waters of Australia, known internationally for its excellent water quality.

The intricacies of the process means it’s only possible to create a small number of fish each year.

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