Jewellery is about meaningful experiences and intimate relationships. Appreciating the true brilliance of the industry, Birks has become one of Canada’s leading retailer, designer and manufacturer of high-end jewellery, watches and gifts. The company operates 27 Birks stores across Canada and manages a transactional website. Since 1879, Birks has been filling each blue box with a promise of delight!

After the company’s foundation by Henry Birks in Montreal in 1879, the next 125 years saw Birks grow from a small storefront to an iconic heritage brand, representing a legacy of Canadian luxury. Birks was purveyor to Kings and Queens, and designed jewellery for the likes of Princess Grace of Monaco and Princess Margaret. But that was only the beginning.
Now in its 137th year, Birks has spent the past decade translating tradition and savoir-faire into cutting edge design, redefining jewellery to create a new generation of loyal customers eager to invest in the brand’s modern sense of prestige.


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