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Ace Spirits is the first of it's kind in the state of Minnesota. A retail space focused on the promotion and sale of Craft Beer & Whisk(e)y. After all, whiskey starts out as beer and beer is delicious... Get our logic here?

We opened our doors in March of 2014 in a tiny space in Hopkins, Minnesota. We paid special mind to controlling light so that our beer stays fresh- special UV film coats all windows and all but three bulbs in the store are limited spectrum LEDs. Those three bulbs are over the register and they just looked so dang cool, we couldn't resist.

Our goal at Ace Spirits is to provide you with access to every whiskey available in the state of Minnesota. We aim to stock most, but whatever we don't will be available right here for your online shopping pleasure.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune wrote a nice little article about us, but if you want to take a bit more of a peek, go ahead and check out a few pics of the shop here.

Thanks for looking us up, we look forward to welcoming you into the shop. When you're looking for an experience out of the ordinary, we hope that Ace Spirits will be your stop.

Drink Better.

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United States

United States
Ace spritis
4 Shady Oak Road #18 Hopkins, MN 55343 USA
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