After years dedicated to architecture, his field of study, Marco Sousa founded, in September 2011, Bat eye. The brand presented itself to the world at Décorex, in London, among the best internationally recognized designers.
A detail, in a lock, brings to mind a Bat eye. The bat's sixth sense guides it, but is when the bat can see, that it observes. Observing, it perceives the world, and seizes it. And it was precisely noticing that detail that the brand won its identity. Bat eye because we want more than just see, we want to observe, appreciate and create passionate pieces.

‘We personify the furniture collective memories of the cities.’

We personify in the furniture the collective memory of places, through moments, expressions, textures and chromatic seized in the cities. We want to create pieces from the whole world, for the whole world.

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United Kingdom

United Kingdom
Porto, Portugal
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