A unique lighting design brand that was born in 2015.

This is a new lighting experience! A harmonious synthesis between innovation and tradition, the rare handwork techniques of the craftsman and contemporary creativity.
The poetic design of each piece of art is inspired by magnanimous buildings and is able to transform any ambiance, leaving strong feelings.
Designing luxury lighting items blending the traditional forms with a unique elegant expression, LUXXU gives an intense experience full of personality. With exquisite, highly decorative detail, all products convey a unique art and craft heritage.

LUXXU is the reference brand in Luxury Lighting Design, Quality and Innovation. We are present in the most famous tradeshows in the world and expose on the greatest and glorious showrooms. LUXXU’s world it is all about exclusivity and sophistication gathering the classic and modern design expressed in our high-quality materials.

Ensure excellence in every luxury lighting item, combining the manual techniques work of our craftsman with the contemporary and unique manifestation of art.

Luxury (magnificence)
Each product is made with the finest selection of raw material like brass plated gold of 14K, crystal and Swarovski crystals

Elegance (art and design)
We create more than lighting parts. We create luxurious lighting items that involve us in a unique experience of design.

Personality (functionality and style)
The preparation of each product combines a stunning passion for lighting design and new concepts with the forms of the classic and the contemporary personality, using the most recognized quality materials, adapting unique pieces to each ambiance.

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Rua Particular de Regueirais nº33 4435-379 Rio Tinto Portugal
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