Manfredi Style

Multidisciplinary initiative with one mission: make unique, high-end creations available worldwide. Manfredi Style was founded in Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, a city that is synonymous of Art and Craftsmanship, A paragon for universal beauty. This historical legacy has inspired us in handpicking our products, Made in Italy as well as international. Today, we pride ourselves of a vast array of exquisite, exclusive and innovative creations from all over the world. Our collections are selected according to their origin, history and uniqueness with special attention to the smallest details. At Manfredi Style we are always engaged in painstaking research in the constant pursuit of excellence and iconic quality to find product offerings that embody handcrafted heritage and reinterpreted tradition. We believe in sourcing only the best for our clients, so they can indulge their passion for exquisite contemporary masterpieces. We curated art and design exhibitions in prominent locations around the world, in cities such as Florence, Moscow and Singapore. Manfredi Style ascribes utmost importance to the philosophy of art and to the emotions that every decorative item conveys

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via del ronco, 10 50125 Firenze
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