Knight International

Welcome to Knight International, we are more than just executors and purveyors of high performance vehicles. We are committed to displaying, celebrating and investing in the lifestyle of our clients and the interests of key individuals within the industry. Over the years, we have supported television productions with supercars owned by both ourselves and trusted clients.

We have supported rallies and events, the most notable being our Tribute to the late Sergio Pininfarina at Hurtwood Park Polo Club in Surrey UK. There we displayed over 200 Pininfarina cars including Eric Clapton's SP12 that he kindly brought along, here you see Gary Knight CEO of Knight International and Chairman of Pininfarina Paolo Pininfarina unveiling the Sergio Supercar for the first time in the UK. This year we are planning more special events in the UK, Singapore, Dubai and the USA, there we will be offering some of the rarest and most valuable road and race cars for sale. Please email us if you would like a VIP invitation.

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates
Dubai Autodrome (Storage) Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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