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The philosophy of performance and craftsmanship is directly applied to the latest offering of Apache Powerboats®. By no definition are McManus Apaches mass produced. Instead, a limited duplicative production of hull designs made of 100% Kevlar and Carbon are fabricated to maximum construction techniques and overall quality. Customers then have the opportunity to outfit their hulls with a nearly endless list of options, finishing with the powertrain, navigation systems and interior appointments to suit their every want and need. Whether a boat is headed for contention on the Poker Run Circuit or your favorite cruising or fishing waters as a weekend warrior, each McManus Apache® is built to be a winning example of technology and craftsmanship. As with each boat produced by McManus, safety and stability are primary concerns. All boats are built to exceed the highest standards of U.S. and European Coast Guard requirements. Each McManus Apache is capable of withstanding the most punishing offshore conditions. Apache Powerboats® also provides maintenance, repair and restoration of boats.

About Mark McManus, Builder of Apache Powerboats:

Mark McManus has been designing and building boats for over 30 years and is a respected Master in the design and building of high-performance offshore boats. He has dedicated himself to the design and development of creating the ultimate rough water high-speed powerboat. He has built over 600 high-performance boats for individuals, governments and militaries worldwide including, coastal patrol, interception, special operations, mission specific, recreational, race and commercial applications.

Mark McManus' experience and long track record with composite technology in this industry is unmatched. The superior quality of an Apache Powerboat speaks for itself. In his company's history, there has never been any hull delamination, breach or loss due to structural failure. He is the only powerboat builder who has developed an offshore high-performance laminate hull that will last over 30 years. His boats have always had over a 30% higher resale value.

Mark McManus' high-performance boat building career began at Cigarette Racing in 1977 and continued through 1984. He was responsible for introducing the Cigarette 38 Top Gun, Cigarette 39 and Cigarette 41 diesel and winning 3 world championships in his time at Cigarette racing.

Mark McManus has developed high-speed, 100% Kevlar and Carbon Fiber powerboats for many influential leaders from across the world including:

U.S.Customs "Blue Thunder" Patrol Craft
President George H.W. Bush
Israeli Special Forces
Jean-Claude Duvalier (President of Haiti)
The Courts of H.H. Sh. Mohammed bin Salman Hamad Al-Khalifa (Royal Family of Bahrain)
King Hussein bin Talal (Jordan)
King Juan Carlos I of Spain
Asif Rangoonwala (Powerboat P1 Motorsports)
Fred Kiekhaefer, Mercury Racing
Roger Penske, Owner of Penske Racing
Mario Andretti, Formula One, Indy Car World Sportscar & NASCAR Champion
Many other dictators, rulers & famous individuals

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