Migflug Jet Fighter Flights

Fighter Jet Pilot for a Day

With MiGFlug, you can fly a real fighter jet - even if you've never flown a plane on your own before! One of our experienced flight instructors will be carefully preparing you for the flight, explaining about the instruments and finally taking off with you. During the jet flight, if you wish to do so, you will even get the chance to operate the jet by yourself and perform stunning manoeuvres in the jet fighter aircraft. The flight consists of manoeuvres like loops, rolls, immelman turns and, depending on the aircraft and location, spectacular low-passes above the airfield as well as supersonic flights. Our pilots will adjust the flight to your wishes whenever possible. Together, you will ensure that your day as a fighter pilot will be the day of your life.

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Migflug Jet Fighter Flights
MiGFlug und Adventure GmbH Gruengasse 19, 8004 Zurich, Switzerland
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