What Makes Alfa Romeo  Special?

Alfa Romeo is one of the oldest car manufacturing brands out there. They have a rich history and have always kept busy on the racetrack. The car brand has been truly dedicated to their luxury cars, and their older models have since become classics. Even Henry Ford said “When I see an Alfa Romeo go by, I tip my hat”.

History of Alfa Romeo 

Alfa Romeo is a luxury sports car brand that has been on the racing circuit since 1911. At one point, it had Enzo Ferrari as one of their race drivers before he was inspired to make his own brand. This company has been seen in Formula One races as well as the Grand Prix. It is trulya sports car legend, and has knocked out competition like Bugatti and Bentley. Their success is so large and widespread that they have the highest number of victories out of every brand there is. This mark has one of the richest histories that will make any sports or luxury car fanatic fall in love, and it is clear that Alfa Romeo has made themselves a successful formula for achievements.

Rarity & Exclusivity of Alfa Romeo 

These classic cars are easy to drive. In fact, when you ask owners of an Alfa Romeo what they love about the luxury sport car, they will respond with “the drive”. Romeo is the type of vehicle that makes you giddy behind the wheel and helps you stand out. It hugs onto the road to create a feeling of smooth gliding and sleek driving.