What Makes Balenciaga Special?

Balenciaga is a fashion brand that has always been known for its attention to detail. Even the popular designer Dior referred to Balenciaga as being the “master brand of us all.” Its designs were described as feminine and odd, yet its undoubtedly futuristic design is what attracted many people to buy the Balenciaga handbags – turning them into the “hot” pieces of the century.

History of Balenciaga

Balenciaga started off in 1918, when Cristobal Balenciaga decided to open up his own fashion house. This designer was very popular for his eye to detail, and he was very thorough in his art of contouring (as Coco Chanel herself claimed). Today, the Balenciaga house is under the ownership of GUCCI, but the art for detail still remains. With every new handbag, the actual owners are still taking ideas from the original house. This way, they attempted to keep the Balenciaga spirit as alive as possible – regardless if it involves handbags, belts, shoes, jewelry, or glasses.

Rarity & Exclusivity of Balenciaga

Balenciaga bags are easily noticeable thanks to their avant-garde design. They are usually shaped in different architectural pieces, and are always playing with new and unconventional materials – but high-quality nonetheless. Apart from being light as feathers, they will also withstand the test of time. There’s a reason why they’re still manufactured, even though a century has passed. Plus, the luxury handbags created by Balenciaga come in the craziest colors ever. It doesn’t really matter if you want a classy black, a warm beige, or a bright neon; they have everything covered.