What Makes Lanvin Special?

This multinational French fashion house was always a magnet for people looking for high quality and style. The Lanvin brand not only focuses on creating ultra-feminine clothing, but they also produced stylish handbags and intoxicatingly beautiful fragrances. They also created trendy menswear, and they are currently the oldest fashion house in France that is still operating.

History of Lanvin

Lanvin started off from Jeanne Lanvin’s passion of making clothes for her daughter. However, these clothes started to attract the attention of various wealthy people of that time, which kept commissioning Lanvin to make copies for their children as well. Later on, Lanvin was also making dresses for the commissioning mothers, and that’s when she decided to open a boutique. She later on started experimenting with fragrances – which eventually led to the creation of her signature perfume, the Arpége, in 1927. She also took an interest in leather crafting, designing many luxury bags that would once more be commissioned by the rich ladies of the town. Lanvin eventually died and the company was taken over by her daughter, and later on, by a cousin, Yves Lanvin. The signature parts of the brand were still maintained, even after the membership had changed. Each handbag has the same details that remind us of the early 20th century company.

Rarity & Exclusivity of Lanvin

Perhaps the thing that makes Lanvin so special is the fact that it uses so many intricate details such as trimmings, embroideries, and beautiful beaded or floral decorations. Unlike other brands that are focused on being “simple and classy”, the Lanvin handbags are “feminine and delicate.” The bright, floral colors are also a trademark of the Lanvin bags.