What Makes Longines Special?

Longines is a luxury watchmaker owned by the Swatch Group, based in Switzerland. The 185 years of the firm are a testimony of its experience. Moreover, their winged hourglass logo is one of the oldest registered trademarks of a watchmaker business.

History of Longines

Longines’ story began with Auguste Agassiz. He entered the fascinating world of watchmaking and timepieces in 1832, during his work in a trading office in St. Imier. At that time, most of the components of luxury watches were produced in home workshops. Watches were designed and distributed by comptoirs. Agassiz saw the potential, and quickly took over the company. The nephew of Auguste, Ernest Francillon, ran the company in the middle of the 19th century, and his mind was focused on new methods to improve the production. A brilliant idea crossed his mind, and he decided to concentrate all the work in a single place. This led him to acquire “Les Longines”. This watchmaking factory would hold all the artisans of the comptoir. Ernest maintained a constant stream of innovations that transformed the factory from a manual workshop into an industrialized manufacturer with machine tools. Longines became part of the Swatch Group in early 1980 as an establisher.

Rarity & Exclusivity of Longines

The brand went from a humble collection of artisans to a fully-fledged manufacturer of luxurious timepieces. After 18 decades and a half of Longines watches, we can safely claim that each item tells a heartwarming story about modest beginnings, shrewd direction, and dedication. A Longines watch is what you need if you’re looking to up your fashion game.