What Makes Maserati Special?

Those passionate about racing have always found comfort in Maserati supercars. The brand is popular for the fact that it blends luxury and speed, and it sports a history that goes back centuries. Now, if you are looking for a luxury car, Maserati is definitely the one you should turn to.

History of Maserati

Maserati has its roots all the way back in 1914 – December 1st, to be more precise. That is when the Maserati brothers from Bologna decided that their passion for luxury sports cars needed to take shape. While the company first started with bicycles, it eventually moved towards engines. The eldest, Carlo Maserati, made his first engine when he was only 17. A lot of the Maserati productions, such as the Quattroporte and the GranTurismo, were used in Formula 1. With time passing, the brand made a name for itself as a luxury sedan.

Rarity & Exclusivity of Maserati

From the moment they started production, the Maserati brothers knew that this luxury sedan needed to be different. Therefore, they created a distinctive elegance combined with a performance you only find in supercars for the racing circuit. When it comes to looks, you can’t say it’s anything special – other than your average luxury car. Still, you can see that it has a lot of class. The difference comes when you pull up the hood. Unlike most luxury sports cars, this one is fuel efficient, but also high performance. The engines are top notch, and they literally purr upon contact. It’s a vehicle that will reach high speeds – and it will do so smoothly.