What Makes Riva Special?

Riva is a classic Italian brand, and like many other companies, it had started out as a family owned business. As it turned out, the whole family loved boats and it was their passion that set them up for success. The modern Riva keeps the original classic Italian tastes while combining them with modern look and quality.

History of Riva

Riva started in a small Italian town in the year of 1842, as a soon-to-be professional boat maker Pietro Riva started building them. He became a boat repairman first, and was known for his gorgeous wooden boats that also featured great quality. Time went on and his skills built up. However, it was his son, Ernesto, who took his father's craftsmanship skills and added innovation to them. He began fitting the boats with motors and increased their value. Pietro also had a grandson named Serafino, who started helping him run the business in the 1930s. Slowly, the company became a leader in small racing boats. Around this time, it began building pleasure boats, too. As time went by, they kept building the boats with more quality until there were several changes in the boat building industry that lead the company to be sold to a company in the United States. It was passed along to various owners, including those who owned the Rolls Royce at the time. In the end, Riva was purchased by the Ferretti group who has reinvented the boat into the success it is today, while holding true to Riva’s original intentions. Riva is now part of Ferretti, though they have kept their brands clearly distinguishable.

Rarity & Exclusivity of Riva

Riva luxury yachts often have a bit of sporty look, but keep their lavish aspect. So, the brand is seen as a Ferrari of the boat world. The company has been noted across the world for its beauty and quality, with customers including various celebrities, kings, and even emperors. Some of their best-known models are Riva Aquarama and Riva Aquavira.