Alexander Smith

“Alexander Smith London” was born in 2012 thanks to the passion of a design team who wanted to create an innovative product that could make a difference in the fashion world.
“Alexander Smith London’s” philosophy is to create a perfect mix between style, creativity and refined craftsmanship, combined with special attention to detail to produce a new concept of “Alternative Luxury”. During the season, the collection gathered a wider range of supporters, developing as a company and becoming more sophisticated.
“Alexander Smith London” offers Italian craftsmanship and high end materials to its customers, adding value to its products through its superior quality.
The production is located in “Riviera del Brenta”, where the best handmade high level shoes in the world are made.
“Alexander Smith London’s” unique shoes come from a focus on high quality material, chosen and produced in the best Italian tannery, in depth research on the designs, and great attention to detail. In a globalized world where low production costs seem like the most popular option, “Alexander Smith London” chose to concentrate on quality and its customers’ satisfaction.
Choosing quality has proved to be a great decision for “Alexander Smith London” as seen by customer feedback and the market.
“Alexander Smith London” has risen as a brand for all women who appreciate shoes with a perfect mix of quality, style, and price.
All this has been possible thanks to the great talent of a young design team supported by qualified partners with more than 30 years of experience in the fashion world.

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Alexander Smith
Via Venezia 105, 35010 Vigonza Padova Italy