WDSG Speakeasy

Situated at the hip star street area, it is emerged as one of the destination stores in Hong Kong. It is beloved by tourists, celebrities, and city explorers and often regarded as one of the most inspiring retail space in Asia. Off an entrance along the slope of St. Francis Street, antique-inspired furniture and utensils were selected to bring about an ambience of a 1920’s speakeasy bar. A pair of intricate wrought iron floor grates gives tantalising glimpses into the basement shop below. Down a flight of stairs, scented by organic candles, making good use of brown glass apothecary jars, there are antique leather sofas, armchairs and furnitures. The whole lighting is raw and industrial, with their brass cages and fabric covered wiring. In the very rear, a hidden meeting room is deliberately designed to echo the backrooms used by pre-revolutionary rebels in old Hong Kong. Stepping into WDSG is like stepping into a John Wayne movie—and emerging unscathed with fashion forward looks that have a timeless appeal.
The shop name WDSG, (Wudai-shiguo), refers to the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms era, the name given to a period of Chinese anarchy from AD907 to 960 that caused the downfall of the influential Tang dynasty. (Which here carries the idea of somewhere that revolution happens.)
Fashion designer Yves Castaldi and interior designer Ken Suen hope to celebrate the spirit of a good neighborhood by building an Art & Fashion destination for conscious minds. Believing that Art & Fashion takes both intelligence and inspiration, the store stocks fashion products (apparel and accessories) and art works (great inspiration). The fashion range offers men and women, unisex and it is opened to collaboration. Brands include own house label WDSG Tailored and WDSG Speakeasy, U-NI-TY, Le Quartier, Atelier du Quartier, Swim-ology, YCHK, Levis Vintage, Yves Castaldi Paris and Instinctyves. Apart from apparel, accessories and art, every pieces of furniture, decoration, vintage goods you can find in the store, they are for sale. All merchandise adheres to the concept that the ideals of America’s past interpreted through antiques and reproductions have a place in today’s society. It presents the concept in an environment that is part Wild West Saloon and part cosy, multi-level home with something to catch the eye in every corner and comfortable seating to let it all soak in. We believe in order to move forward in life, we need to appreciate the past.
The store is designed to be an Art & Fashion hub for Art & Fashion precursors. Themed events, and workshops are also being held. The Store introduced a special “Meet-up” programs for loyal customers, which bring together fashion designers and artists to share stories and inspiration. We are a community in a good neighborhood with a dynamic flow of opportunities. WDSG Speakeasy is the place for sharing, inspiring each other and to have fun!

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong
No. 9 B1, St. Francis Street, Wanchai
+852 2528 3800