DeepFlight was founded in 1996 by world-renowned engineer Graham Hawkes to develop innovative underwater technologies to expand human access into the oceans. DeepFlight’s personal submarines are a fundamentally new type of craft that enable the unique experience of flying underwater. Imagine cruising alongside whales, sharks and dolphins, exploring uncharted shipwrecks, or hovering over pristine coral reefs. The oceanic world, which has been inaccessible for so long, can finally be opened up for personal exploration and adventure.

DeepFlight has completely redesigned the concept of a submarine. Unlike conventional submersibles, DeepFlight submarines are “positively buoyant,” meaning they naturally float to the surface and need motion to keep them underwater. By applying the principles and dynamics of flight, DeepFlight craft dive solely using downward lift and the power of its thrust. The submarines are not only fast, light, easy to maneuver and safe, their inspiring designs have been compared to futuristic airplanes and Formula 1 racecars.

Since its founding, DeepFlight has developed five generations of personal submarines, each one representing a technological improvement over its predecessor. Our newest model, the Dragon, continues to innovate by enabling the ability to hover and fly underwater. Additionally, the Dragon is the only personal submarine designed specifically for the owner to pilot, generating a great deal of excitement for underwater recreation and adventure tourism.

DeepFlight personal submarines are ideal accessories for resorts, superyachts, and tour operators. They provide a comfortable, safe, and exciting way to explore the underwater world, enabling an exhilarating flight through blue space.

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United States
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