Rodeo Drive Japan

Rodeo Drive Japan was established in 1954, then a pawnshop of the name KADOYA LIMITED. Having grown now into a trader of brand watches, bags and jewellery, RODEO DRIVE has the number of branches that outweighs most of its competitors and a large variety and quantity of merchandises that prevail over the industry. To boost operational efficiency, the concept of WE SELL WE BUY is introduced to provide customers with the best value-exchange service, offering buyback in addition to merchandise sales.

The incredible speed of growth has driven RODEO DRIVE to extend its branches to those fashion hubs of Japan like Shinjuku, Motomachi, Kannai, Yokohama and Jiyugaoka in a few years time. In 2004, the 50th anniversary of the company, RODEO DRIVE took a step forward to raise its service quality by introducing a new management system, which put in force the consumption pattern of value-exchange to the full.

HAPPYWISE WATCH AND JEWELLERY COMPANY was formerly known as YAU ON PAWNSHOP. Established in 1987 in Taipo, Hong Kong, YAU ON has gained the devotion of customers for over 20 years for its integrity, trustfulness and good will.

Unfailing diligence brought YAU ON to maturity. HAPPWISE was accordingly established to carry its watch and jewelry trade toward a further stage, which is directed at a more refined provision of quality service with the stratagem to synthesize its past experience and the new philosophy of development.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong
Rodeo Drive Japan
Shop A, G/F, No.21A Lock Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
+852 2312 6878

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