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Joyce Gallery specializes in the trade of ancient Chinese antiques, in particular, supreme pieces dated back prior to the Tang Dynasty (A.D. 618 – 907) such as archaic bronzes, stone sculptures, jades, gold and silver wares, glazed and unglazed potteries, ceramics, etc. With the aim of promoting Chinese art and culture in good faith, we are devoted to provide authentic and premium artworks to all Chinese antique lovers, collectors, dealers and museums around the world.

Over the past twenty years, our gallery has been well established in Hong Kong, and ever since our establishment, we have always dedicated ourselves to uphold the strictest rule on authenticity, with the support of scientific tests and professional knowledge, because we firmly believe that only an authentic antique can express its aesthetic beauty and historical importance.

With over a decade of solid experience, Joyce Gallery has obtained a fine reputation in the field for her business integrity, and her delicate taste in collecting supreme quality artworks also attracts worldwide attentions from professional institutions and individuals.

After years of collecting, Joyce Gallery has newly founded a permanent gallery space next to the antique gallery for her contemporary artworks. It is a cozy and refreshing environment for all audiences, and it is an ideal space for organising all sort of art exhibitions.

Regular exhibitions are held on leading Chinese contemporary artists like Wu Guanzhong, Zhang Xiaogang, Yue Minjun, Zhou Chunya, Pang Jun, Qi Zhilong, Wei Rong, Pang Maokun and some other young emerging artists with exetremely well potential, like Ren Zhenyu, Yan Bo, Chen Bo, etc.

Chinese contemporary art is getting much worldwide attention in recent years. It is not just a new form of art expression, but it is also a true reflection of a dynamic China currently under a wave of dramatic social and ideological change.
Joyce Gallery shall progressively expand her exclusive art collections and continuously make great effort to promote Chinese contemporary art to collectors and art lovers from all over the world.

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