Galerie Jacques Lacoste

There was once a look, that of Jacques Lacoste . When he was offered the Archives of Jean Royere , it acquires, fascinated by the richness of these some 5,000 documents. Exceptional tool for research and authentication, symbolic sum of the creation of the 50s, they transform this art historian and his team in real archaeologists design. The gallery becomes the place required expertise creations of Jean Royere .

His gaze still arises during a visit to the headquarters of Saint-Gobain, a set of furniture and lighting slabs of sandblasted glass, left dormant and which will decide his enthusiasm for the work of Max Ingrand . He will become the indispensable specialist famous master glassmaker.

The rectilinear geometry of the 30s to the curvilinear geometry of the 50s, Jacques Lacoste Gallery continues its research work. Each object has its memory, it is she? The track, revive, that's one of the tasks that is required the gallery where the creations of Jean Royere, Max Ingrand and Alexandre Noll alongside ceramics Georges Jouve or luminaire Serge Mouille ... gradually reducing the space between furniture and sculpture.

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Galerie Jacques Lacoste
12 rue de Seine 75006 Paris France

Sculpture 1965

Mystic and secretive man, nature inspires artist, **Alexandre Noll,** chooses wood, living matter to the magnetic power to...