True Facet

TrueFacet was developed by a team of certified appraisers and innovative business mavens under the belief that everyone deserves to wear true jewelry and watches.

TrueFacet began as an idea to create a modern alternative for buying and selling pre-loved jewelry and watches. Our goal was to create an online marketplace rooted in trust, transparency and authenticity, where both buyers and sellers would get the best value for their item, period.

By integrating multiple points of expertise and relationships to ensure quality, we designed a comprehensive suite of authenticity services to make buying and selling easy. No other jewelry marketplace compares to the rigor of our authentication processes or passion of our customer service team.

We take our job – and our customers – very seriously. This means our diverse experts, hailing from some of the most coveted jewelers in the industry, spend a lot of time and effort authenticating and verifying each item to ensure its value. Beyond that, we thoroughly vet our vendors to make sure they uphold the highest level of integrity. Some call us fanatical, but we prefer “practitioners of authenticity.”

We’re constantly reevaluating our processes and finding new ways to provide authentic jewelry at the best value. At the end of the day, 100 percent authentic jewelry doesn’t just look better, it feels better too.

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United States

United States
New York, USA