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Christian Cathor is an authentic British leather bag house crafting exclusive quality leather bag; inspired by the enchanting beauty and lifestyle of London. The London lifestyle is intense and pleasant; it inspired, captivates and is the architecture of dreams.

The inspiration for Christian Cathor England was dreamt up after the birth of my daughter who kindled my passion for beauty, design, uniqueness.

The name Christian Cathor has an intriguing origin. Christian came from someone I dated and Cathor was inspired by the Mrs Carter tour but the letters were changed to make it more enticing keeping a similar sound.

Our designs are inspired by the spirited London lifestyle; which is a hive of activities and people who indulge in this fantasy needs adaptable flexible lifestyle products to streamline their lifestyle. Whether off to the office or away for business or pleasure.

Our mission is to bring the fascinating London lifestyle to the world; inspire, captivate, dream.

We use the best craftsmanship, traditional sewing techniques and full grain leather to ensure our products are of the highest quality to withstand a demanding lifestyle. Our customer’s needs drive every aspect of what we stand for.

Full grain leather develops a patina over time which protect the leather.
Every detail is important to us. We use corded wax linen thread, brass hardware and only European leather. We use European leather because in Europe they eat grass and the animals has less scratches and insect bites. In other parts of the world this is not so; animals are fed grains which makes them grown faster, so the leather tends to be scratchy.

Bespoke in Britain; you get a stamp of authenticity with our bags; quality exclusive products.

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United Kingdom

United Kingdom
Erickson Gardens, Bromley, BR2 9FZ