Kaira Jewelry was founded in 2016 by the Salomon family. A Houston-based design house, specializing in diamonds and gemstones. Kaira was born with the intention of creating an experience between customer and precious stones, while offering one of a kind pieces for one of a kind people. Kaira personalizes each visit with clients according to style, character, occasion and desire, ending in a one of a kind adventure.

Gemologists and jewelers from around the world joined the Design House, and hand-select the best available precious stones in the world to turn into glamourous pieces of jewelry. Certifications are available for the pieces, which will always give value to the stones, and piece of mind to the customer.

The Design House also specializes in custom made pieces for brides and grooms. The couple will meet with a specialist and together they will co-design their dream engagement ring and wedding bands.

United States

United States
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