The Lockhart Collection

Deborah Lockhart Phillips of The Lockhart Collection has been creating, sourcing and designing fine jewelry for over thirty years. Travel the world and inspiration can be had and rare pieces found. The jewelry collection often features high karat gold with incredible workmanship; and some with precious and semi-precious gem stones of unusual cuts and in a variety of settings.

Unusual, extraordinary and often one of a kind. Sometimes the pieces are antique featuring workmanship so difficult to come by in the modern age.....the lost arts. Other times she is working directly with a manufacturer bringing pieces directly to market. The jewelry is uncommon and perhaps a bit left of center. But after all, that's what makes it and you interesting.

The store is located on the majestic and beautiful island of Nantucket in the United States and open seasonally, but of course online here and at all year round.

United States

United States
15 Centre St., Nantucket, MA 02554