As a child, growing up in Southern Africa, Conor was always fascinated by the stars
under the African night sky. The subtle blue illumination is like nowhere else on earth.
This inspired Conor to develop his glowing idea of tables. The Illuminatus table is the
art of infinite light, combined with seamless design and perfectly cut angles. An
original Conor Mccreedy painting creates a new and revolutionary art experience.
With extravagant power and elegance as well as pure style with finesse, the
Illuminatus visual experience is always special.
Phosphor glows at night without any electricity, gaining its illumination from natural
light. Illuminatus demonstrates scientific engineering and ingenuity by liquidizing
phosphor into Mccreedy pigment, while maintaining the original phosphor granules.
The granules represent the glistening sand on the ocean floor, and they are seen from
the sides of the table, always in different versions of light.
The balance between efficiency, engineering and great craftsmanship that Switzerland
offers, is ideal for the production of the this sexy and sophisticated table.
The Illuminatus represents the brand identity of Mccreedyblue and adds wizardry in
the mystery of a great artwork.

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