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A Louis Vuitton "Secret Service" President briefcase. One of the most unusual cases Louis Vuitton ever made and almost certainly made in a very limited number, this briefcase has two very distinguishing features: a pair separate and unique locks with individual keys on the outside, when you open the case on the top left hand side is a counter which clicks forward each time the briefcase is opened. Louis Vuitton made this case on special order. The idea was that any documents that it contained could only be accessed in the presence of the same two individuals, each one being the key-holder to one of the locks. Should the briefcase be opened without the presence of one individual, the other person would know thanks to the counter in the top left which would alert him/her to how many times the case has been opened without his/her presence.

We know of only two such cases on the market, one of the rarest President briefcases in circulation. Finished in a lovely brown leather with monogrammed lozine trim, it is in excellent condition and a wonderful conversation piece, it dates to the 1980s predating our digital era when sensitive top secret documents were sent by hand without the modern ills of hackers and spyware.

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In Great Condition - No damage, just general wear.


Height: 11cm
Width: 43cm
Depth: 34cm

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