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Evolution: Infinite Beginnings – Silver Edition

  United States

Material: Photographic Print Mounted Under Acrylic Glass Artist: Thomas Bijen for 99 Limited Editions “Silver Edition” Numbered Edition of 99

A moment frozen in time, a smokey mixture of earth and skytones interspersed with solid matter. This artwork captures the essence of the universe, a space we must all occupy. Like life, matter clashes. Sky and earth toned plumes of smoke comingle across an infinite space, but look closely and you can see the form of solid matter. A glimpse into the beginning of all that is and all that ever will be.

The artwork comes framed and ready to hang. Reverse Face Mounting is the process of layering a photographic print between acrylic glass and backing board, to create a flawless high-gloss and vibrant color finish.

Each edition of fine art photography from 99 Limited Editions comes with two certificates. The first is affixed to the back of your mounted artwork, and the second is presented in an envelope that comes with your artwork.

This artwork is also available in different size limited editions: Evolution: Infinite Beginnings - Gold Edition - Numbered Edition of 79 - 120x80 cm / 47x32 inch - £799 / $839

Global shipping available outside of the destinations listed upon request.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Type Photography
Location United States
Width Unit cm
Length Unit cm
Width 60 (cm)
Length 40 (cm)
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