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iPhone 4 / 4S - JFK

  USD $22

It was the passion of an aviation buff and a designer to imagine BAGTAG DESIGN® on a flight from Paris to New York. Eager to modernize the offer of souvenirs with an aviation twist, the brothers have created an exclusive design, evoking the journey through the airport codes. Each object is a tribute to modern to a mythical destination, indicating the name of its airport, its three letter code, geographic coordinates, altitude of the airfield, the code of his country, time zone, and flight number. Many objects have the flight number 002 (Flight 002), a nod to the flight "opening" of the concept on which the founders of the brand were flying when the idea germinated in their minds. More than just a product. It is a travel community, passionate about what those codes to three letters represent: a destination, a travel souvenir, a proposal to escape ...?


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